*The Brady P. Project is a registered non-profit organization through the state of Michigan. 501c3 status is in the works.

Promoting Love, acceptance and mother nature

The Brady P. Project

Brady P. on his tricycle

The Brady P. Project

The Vision

2) Funding programs that promote appreciation for the great outdoors through education and recreation for people of all walks of life.

    The funding

    Where do the funds come from?  

    1) A portion of the profits from Digging for Light - A Memoir to Inspire Humanity.

    2) The annual Rock Tossing Competition!

    3) Donations from fine people like you! (Until 501c3 tax exempt status is met, your donation is not tax-deductible.)  But you can donate through Paypal today to help us reach that goal.​​

    The vision of the Brady P. Project is to promote love, acceptance and Mother Nature in hopes of helping to save the world. Lofty, yet committed.

    the proceeds

    All proceeds work to benefit two main components of the project.

    1) Raising awareness and acceptance that all people are unique in their own beautiful and inspirational way.